Our Staff

Our Staff

The list of the staff at First Lutheran Church, if you included the many hands that shape our church, would be as wide and as deep as the good Lord's love for us all. Listed are those staff members you are likely to see if you visited the front office!

Pastor David Johnson (Senior Pastor)



Pastor Steve Carlson 

Sonja Reeves, Deaconess 


Jane Johnson, Secretary


Susie Floyd, Bookeeper



Merlin Lemmer, Custodian

Gudrun Bednarczyk, Custodian

Linnea Stiff, Pre-School Director/Teacher

Ashley Harkin, Pre-School Teacher

Tyler Taylor, FLCS Lead Teacher

Jessica Patton, FLCS 2-4 Teacher

Leah Klemp, FLCS K-1 Teacher

Art Pencek, FLCS School Administrator