Education Board

Education Board Objectives The basic objectives of this board are to plan and administer the total educational program for the congregation. The board will determine the policies, select personnel for the various agencies, provide the necessary means and facilities for the agencies, and direct and supervise the educational program of the congregation. Included areas are the Christian Resource Center (CRC), Adult Bible study, Sunday School, Childcare, Preschool and the scholarships that are available to congregational members. Christian Education at First Lutheran: Individuals have many opportunities for Christian learning. For adults there is are bible classes between services each Sunday throughout the year, Lifelight (a book by book or topical study of the Bible) is available in the Fall and Spring on Sundays afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. There is a variety of men's and women's Bible studies available to join and periodically a Faith Renewal class is offered. For the youth we have Sunday school that takes place between services on Sundays. Also available are First Lutheran Classical School, In His Hands Childcare and a Preschool that are strongly enriched by their Christian based instruction.

Evangelism Board

The objectives of the Evangelism Board are the bringing of the Gospel to the unchurched, the enlistment of all of God's people in the work of spreading the Gospel and the deepening of the faith and activity of the members of this congregation.

Fellowship Board

About FLC's Fellowship Board: The members of First Lutheran's Fellowship Board organize many activities throughout the year for fun, recreation, and to help members, new and old, get to know each other better. Please come join us in Christian fun and fellowship!

Lay Ministry Board

The basic responsibility of the Board of Lay Ministry concerns the spiritual welfare of the Pastors and Congregational members of First Lutheran Church and the supervision of everything pertaining to Congregational Worship. Every family unit in the Congregation has an assigned Lay Minister who provides support for the spiritual welfare of their respective families. Other basic responsibilities of the Lay Ministry Board include: Assisting Pastors in counseling issues, Assisting Pastors with the Worship Service, Supervision of the Ushering Staff and Encouragement of Spiritual Programs in the Congregation.

Parish Planning Council

The purpose of the Parish Planning board is to coordinate the functions and activities of the church. The board is made up of the Church Officers - the Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary - and the chairman of each of the church boards. Each member serves a two year term and the board meets (together with the Pastors) on the first Monday of each month. The Parish Planning Council is not primarily a decision making body but serves as a forum where the activities of the Administrative Boards may be discussed, evaluated, and coordinated, and where all such activities may be integrated into an overall congregational program. The Parish Planning Council is available at all times, however, for any additional functions which the Voting Membership may wish to confer upon it.

Properties Board

The purpose of the Properties board is, as the name implies, to maintain the church properties. First Lutheran is blessed with a large, new church, a large parking area, and numerous lawn and flower garden areas - all of which require attention to maintain. The Properties board is responsible to see the work gets done. The board relies on the help of many volunteers to assist them in the upkeep of our church facilities. Also, the 'Miller Boys' are an important help to the Properties board - and the church. The 'Miller Boys' is an informal group of men who meet on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast at Paradise Falls to discuss what church property work needs to be done and then, after the meeting the men go about doing the tasks. Anyone interested in joining the 'Miller Boys' is welcome - it is an enjoyable time of fellowship and a good way to help get work done at the church!

Public Relations Board

The goal of the Public Relations Board is to increase awareness of what we are all about at First Lutheran—within our own church family as well as in the Missoula community. Our public relations work involves a planned strategy to formally publicize the ministry of First Lutheran Church through various media outlets (newspaper, yellow pages, etc.). But the most critical part of our strategy involves the individual members of the First Family. Our day-to-day witness of what Jesus Christ means to us and how our faith is fed within our church family is the crucial part of our public relations work. God places many people in our daily paths—family, friends, co-workers—who need to hear about our best friend, Jesus.

School Board

It is the mission of First Lutheran Classical School first and foremost to assure its students and their families that they are redeemed by Christ, have value in His sight and are loved by Him. Since they are of value to God it is their duty to fully develop their God-given faculties to glorify God and serve their fellow man. To effect this end, FLCS will provide an excellent academic program founded on the Word of God to facilitate the emergence of the new person in mind, body, spirit, and character.

Stewardship Board

The goals of the Stewardship Board are to initiate programs for the development of good stewardship attitudes in the members of the congregation in regard to time, talents, and treasures; to provide for the training and utilization of members of the congregation for the work of Christ’s Kingdom; to ensure the financial stability of the congregation and its work though a developed program of dedicated proportionate, first fruits giving.

Ways in which the Stewardship Board facilitates these objectives: Studying Scriptural principles regarding the total stewardship calling of the Christian; contacting and encouraging all members for service; discovering and enlisting for Kingdom service the talents God has given our members; educating every member on basic Biblical stewardship; annually giving every member an opportunity to make a commitment of his treasure for Kingdom work; initiating preparation and presentation of an annual work program; oversee the counting, safe depositing, and recording of all funds; review the monthly financial statements to determine that the remission of offerings for missions and payment of salaries and bills as authorized by the congregation and the appropriate Boards has occurred; review, accept, or decline all offers of non-solicited gifts to the congregation; plan and recommend a program of support for a selected list of charities. 

Youth Board

The purpose of the Youth Board is to provide an opportunity for youth to: Read, teach, and apply the Scripture to their daily lives; continually pray and praise for all God has provided;  attain an understanding of how to witness the love of Jesus with other students and friends; to gain a solid foundation of our Easter faith; increase our knowledge of scripture; create a growing confidence in Christian independence; integrate into the church body as a vital element of the church as displayed in Romans 12:3-8; to have fun while emphasizing team building and uplifting our peers; to strengthen ourselves in our Baptism and Confirmation.